Sunday, 16 August 2009

Barbed Wire in the Blood

Allegoric account of the biggest media scam this Century...Barbed Wire In The Blood- a true story that will tear at the heart of all animal lovers across the planet.

Barbed Wire in the Blood

The One Eyed Dog

In a small town far away, there lived a dog and it`s owner. the dog had tryed to save it`s owner in a robbery and he had a eye patch on. People always asked why, he never told any one it was a secret. He never ever did let anyone know what was under the eye patch. Some kids think it`s a pirate dog what a silly thing to think.

Little children came to the house they creped inside there was the dog laying on the rug - they lifted the eye patch and screamed. There was no eye thear it was black - nothing there. The man came down. The children sat down and started to say sorry. The man told the children the full story how he got robbed and how his dog tryed to save him and the robber cut the dogs eye out. He kept it as a secret cos he thought everyone would be terrified of him and the dog and never like them, then they could not make friends and they would have to move town and they loved where they lived. And now the children and man and his dog wear all friends. But not long after his dog died it was a disaster for every one. Now everyone says that he still haunts the streets of the town. By Georgia